Ainsley – Busselton 2006

Caving, Margaret River - 2007

Rottnest Island – 2008

Anaconda Adventure Race – 2008

Pemberton Road Race – 2010

This is a work in progress.

Not that it will ever be finished 🙂

Let there be light

Recently, I’ve been struck by the gentle and releasing authority of the words of God. There is something truly amazing about someone who releases creative power simply by giving permission. In the Bible, the story of God creating begins: And God said, “Let there be...

Belonging, treasure and other valuable things

Recently, I got to thinking about Australian citizenship, and its place in my life. From one perspective it is not something I have consciously thought about often; it sits there as a treasure in my life, a foundation in my life, as something which provides a platform...


just love the way in which it is possible to tell the same story in a multitude of different ways, and in a variety of different forms. The same story. I never cease to be amazed that for many stories, there is something...