Ainsley – Busselton 2006

Caving, Margaret River - 2007

Rottnest Island – 2008

Anaconda Adventure Race – 2008

Pemberton Road Race – 2010

This is a work in progress.

Not that it will ever be finished 🙂

That time God died

It is that time of year again – Easter – that time God died. What does that even mean? A man who, to all accounts, welcomed and sided with the vulnerable, the down-trodden, a man who went around doing good – miracles of kindness expressing love. And why did he die?...

Why do I write?

I have been asking myself this question recently: Why do I write? Now, I don’t write much – a quick look over the past several years of blogging attests to that. But I do write, and I enjoy it. What I’ve come to is that I like to think, and moreover, I find it...

Cancer, chemotherapy and night walks

Two thousand and sixteen has been quite a year for me personally. Diagnosed with cancer. Surgery. Chemotherapy. Etc. Not to mention five months off the bike. Yet I am thankful to God, my doctors, my family and my friends that this end of the year I am clear of cancer and have achieved significant recovery of my health, fitness and life in general. This post provides me with both some form of catharsis and an opportunity to say thank you.

So – I have cancer

I’m not really sure on the protocol here in terms of letting friends know about this type of thing (it hasn’t happened to me before), but I’ve always tended to prefer communication over not. So here goes: After noticing some changes over the past fortnight, I saw my doctor last week and had an ultrasound on Friday. It would seem that I have testicular cancer. Yeah, the news was a bit of a surprise to me too.