Ainsley – Busselton 2006

Caving, Margaret River - 2007

Rottnest Island – 2008

Anaconda Adventure Race – 2008

Pemberton Road Race – 2010

This is a work in progress.

Not that it will ever be finished 🙂

It’s complicated. But don’t look away

I wrote this on 26 January this year as I reflected on how different parts of our Australian community might and do remember the events signified by 26 January 1788. It’s complicated (and not pretty). But don’t look away.

The Dogs of War

My lament on hearing the news that the US, UK and France had bombed Syria, made all the more agonisingly hollow for me as I celebrated Christian communion that day, knowing the violence had been committed in the name of God.

That time God died (re-visited)

This is a repost of a poem that I wrote last year. As I reflect this Easter on the nature and character of God, and of his son Jesus, it seems just as poignant and real as it was when I first wrote it. For me anyway. It reflects where I am on my spiritual journey and...

My Marriage Equality vote

I am voting yes for marriage equality, and I explain why; one more voice in a chaotic national conversation. And yes, let’s talk about consequences.


So I got home from work Friday evening having not really read a lot of news or social media during the day — one of those days — and my wife Ainsley asked me if I had heard about the death of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. No I hadn’t, but ****. As I have...