Ainsley – Busselton 2006

Caving, Margaret River - 2007

Rottnest Island – 2008

Anaconda Adventure Race – 2008

Pemberton Road Race – 2010

This is a work in progress.

Not that it will ever be finished 🙂

The Dogs of War

My lament on hearing the news that the US, UK and France had bombed Syria, made all the more agonisingly hollow for me as I celebrated Christian communion that day, knowing the violence had been committed in the name of God.

That time God died (re-visited)

This is a repost of a poem that I wrote last year. As I reflect this Easter on the nature and character of God, and of his son Jesus, it seems just as poignant and real as it was when I first wrote it. For me anyway. It reflects where I am on my spiritual journey and...

My Marriage Equality vote

I am voting yes for marriage equality, and I explain why; one more voice in a chaotic national conversation. And yes, let’s talk about consequences.


So I got home from work Friday evening having not really read a lot of news or social media during the day — one of those days — and my wife Ainsley asked me if I had heard about the death of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. No I hadn’t, but ****. As I have...

That time God died

It is that time of year again – Easter – that time God died. What does that even mean? A man who, to all accounts, welcomed and sided with the vulnerable, the down-trodden, a man who went around doing good – miracles of kindness expressing love. And why did he die?...