I have been asking myself this question recently: Why do I write?

Now, I don’t write much – a quick look over the past several years of blogging attests to that. But I do write, and I enjoy it.

What I’ve come to is that I like to think, and moreover, I find it important to interpret and form views about the world around me, and my place in it. This planet on which I live. The many ecosystems of which I am a part. This society of which I am a member. The many communities I participate in.

All of that is complicated, and I seek the truth. Yet the truth resists simplicity.

Not to mention that they are many powerful people whose interests are served by shaping the way that the masses perceive the world. History is written by victors, so they say.

So I do take time to reflect on the time in which we live, what stirs beneath the surface, what it means and what part I play. And writing helps with that – the forming of compelling, engaging, coherent and cogent trains of thought that I am not completely embarrassed by or ashamed of the moment they leave my mouth. I’m certainly not brilliant, but the practice and discipline is fulfilling and enjoyable.

It’s something that I think is part of what the Bible calls renewing the mind.

That’s why I write.

At least for today.