Ubuntu 13.10 is out of support (a while back, I know) so about time to upgrade my personal servers to 14.04 LTS – just in time for 16.04 🙂

Only two minor gotchas.


Gotcha #1 – Digital Ocean mirrors

OK, to get the upgrade process to work, I needed to revert the APT sources from the Digital Ocean mirrors back to standard Ubuntu old releases:

## EOL upgrade sources.list
# Required
deb CODENAME main restricted universe multiverse
deb CODENAME-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb CODENAME-security main restricted universe multiverse

# Optional
#deb CODENAME-backports main restricted universe multiverse

Gotcha #2 – Apache include file changes

Secondly: Apache, when reading /etc/apache2/apache2.conf now expects the “.conf” filename extension:

# Include the virtual host configurations:

#before upgrade = 
IncludeOptional sites-enabled/*
#after upgrade = 
/IncludeOptional sites-enabled/*.conf


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