I guess that it’s time to begin. I mean, you have to begin somewhere.

Why not here? Why not now?

Not ready yet. That is always the story. Upon reflection, though, I have to conclude that if it was OK for Google to run massive applications in permanent beta, I guess that I can just put myself out there and consider my blog a work in progress. A bit like my life – a work in progress that is.

The fact is that I’ve been meaning to put together my small space in the sun for some time now. It is not that I’ve simply been procrastinating, but I do have to admit that I’ve been meaning/intending/whatever to get this done for a little while now – since before my friend Koert kicked off his blog (that was December last year). And then some.

So here we go:

Welcome to my blog.

I’m not really sure who will be up for reading this, but that’s is not really the point. Not now anyway. I’m starting with something that can be read, something that has form, shape & texture, something which looks just a little bit like me. I can think about those doing the reading later.

We will see where my blogging leads but I expect that the things I have to share/say will revolve around the things that my life revolves around: the church, my family and interesting stuff. You see, I am convinced that God’s highest purpose on the planet is found in Jesus and expressed in the church (read community). And I love my family (I think you’ll notice if you hang around). And there is some “stuff” that interests me.

Feel free to have a read in the page footer for more about me and why I’ve called my blog “Inspired”.

That’s all for now. Not much, but I’ve begun.